Friday, May 29, 2009

Big Trouble in PNG's Little China

According to today's Post Courier newspaper PNG police commissioner Gari Baki is not too pleased about recent reporting on deported Chinese national Gu Kai.

Baki reportedly shouted at Post Courier journalist Mohammad Bashir: "You know this person (Gu Kai) ? He was an illegal alien and if I had it my way, I would boot him out on the spot and never allow him back. You can write whatever you like."

Below is a link to an AAP feature about PNG's Asian gangs influencing PNG's corruption. The Gu Kai affair certainly raises questions about the confluence of police, immigration and labour department corruption allowing Asian crime syndicates to do their thing in PNG.

Meanwhile the Australian newspaper's Greg Roberts today has picked up the widely circulated, suspiciously well written, inflammatory email that was doing the round earlier this week.

The unknown source using the pen name 'Cardo Stanzo' has called for a bonfire of the tucker boxes by December 31. But it's not just small businesses that should burn but all Asian businesses they say. Most people in PNG have dismissed the misdirected email as pap albeit concerning pap - it certainly doesn't pull any punches at blaming Asians for all of PNG's woes.,25197,25552427-2703,00.html

As ever it is easier to blame the minority group, especially as they look and sound different and worse don't follow rugby league. But there is no mention of the PNG owners who employ Chinese to manage their shops or go into partnership with Chinese as they are more reliable than PNG to make a quick buck. Nor is there any concerted efforted against those elected and chosen leaders that so far have shirked responsibility to what some commentators see as a frontline for more civil unrest.

From earlier in the week. Here is Sam Abal, Foreign Affairs minister responding to the issue:

And from Monday Prime Minister Michael Somare responding:

As the Chinese say: may you live in interesting times!

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