Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Musingku conman offers duped investors 'Jesus money'

Long before naughty Bernard Madoff got in on the scene with billion dollar pyramid schemes Bougainville's self appointed royality Noah Musingku was ripping off people in the Pacific.
Many still hope he will live up to some of his far fetched promises - the latest is a new currency that proudly sports a picture of him and the other big guy - Jesus Christ.
Pictured above is Musingku and from earlier this year when giving newly appointed Bougainville President James Tanis, following behind, a guard of honour.
Just in case people forgot Musingku was also known as: 'His Majesty King David Peii II, Head of State of the Twin Kingdom of Papaa'la and Me'ekamui' he wore a crown with KING written on it.
Only in PNG would a wanted conman be able to give a newly appointed leader such treatment and vice versa could one be able to pull it off.

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  1. Hi Ilya,

    Where is the original source of the second photo of Noah Musingku?