Thursday, July 2, 2009

Park versus Supermarket PNG style

PNG's PM Michael Somare and his Deputy Puka Temu, the Lands Minister are in dispute over a park opposite one of Port Moresby's major supermarket's Boroko Foodworld. Locals who remember say the same zoning issues lapsed when Foodworld was built. So why is the PM so committed to saving some slides for PNG kiddies?


  1. What connection do the Somare Clan have with Boroko Supermarket?

  2. Dr Temu requires a little more concrete if he wants to secure the Chief's position after Somare retires, so why not sell off the playground to a Chinese businessman? And there's is still no Chinatown in Moresby...

    anyone smell a new Knighthood?

  3. Yes the issue has certainly become a hot one. And probably more political fighting than true interest in children's recreational spaces.
    I understand there is a link between the Chief's business associates and Foodworld.
    Puka has remained firm and said the rezoning was approved by the National and Supreme Court.