Thursday, June 18, 2009

Waiting for Guffman, PNG style

Occasionally staying home on Saturday night, remaining sober and watching television has its benefits. One of those rare moments came last Saturday when I flicked from Iranian election riots on BBC, CNN and Sky news to then see what was offered on PNG’s EM TV (it's worth a look at EM TV's website).
It was a segment on this week’s Port Moresby Arts Theatre (MAT) production of” An Evening with Andrew Lloyd Webber.”
I only had time to grab my camera phone which nicely adds another layer of weirdness to the whole “spectacle”.
I’ve never seen any Andrew Lloyd Webber production and only one MAT production, so out of fairness I will not add any snide remarks, but there was something uniquely PNG about an expat in all seriousness describing the artistic merits and integrity of their amateur production while wearing what can only be described as several mops strung together.

The show opens tonight and runs till Saturday. All are encouraged to get along.

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