Thursday, June 11, 2009

Climate Change PNG Time

PNG's Office of Climate Change (OCC) director Dr Theo Yasause was to hold a press conference at 2pm today. Journalists diligently turned up on time but were told on arrival the media call was re-scheduled to 3pm.

This is normal PNG mechanics. Uually we get a few free sandwiches, chicken wing and coke. But none of the usual trappings were available and the man of the moment was no where to be seen.

At 3.15pm after more questioning and impatient body language AAP was told Dr Theo's flight from Brisbane had not actually landed in PNG. The press would be informed when the good doctor cleared customs and what time the postponed media conference would be held.

It is now after 4pm. Despite our doubts we have all been assured Dr Theo is very keen to assauge those egregious assertions about all sorts of "apparent irregularities" in the OCC.

The press conference, we've been assured, will happen today, some time. Soon. Any minute now...

nb: text message received 7.44pm "OCC press conf deferred. My apologies. Will advise when."

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