Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stinky End Thwarted

In a past life in London I worked for some of the world's best/worst tabloids. But moving to the AAP foreign correspondent role in PNG does not necessarily mean serious journalism.
In fact it is very apparent the Australian media obsession with PNG is not serious at all. It's all a little too complicated and different so what they want, or the media wants, is a healthy dose of witches, raskols, 'ooga booga' weird that keeps every one at a safe distance, happy in their prejudices. Oh don't forget a healthy dose of plane crashes and high alert for ex-pat rape and murder.
But having said all that- there is no doubt an endless supply of cracking PNG yarns that would make any hackneyed tabloid editor moist with excitment.

So here is some more from the classic PNG vault - I've already been complimented for managing to work sorcery into a toilet suicide bid...


by popular demand here are some others-

Wife killed after testicle-jibe


Women bash serial bottom pincher


And here is a friends favourite - picked up by reuters..


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