Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In questions regarding AFP -AFP can't comment...

Journalists dealIing with government agencies and governments know the run-run-run-around you get. The specifics you ask and the bland empty rhetoric you receive.
But in the ever quixotic task of trying to get to the bottom of the Climate Change debacle, in particular to a host of multimillion dollar Australian-led initatives, I have tried on several fronts to find out what's going on.
The Australian government responses add to the Grahame Green story line made comical on a daily basis by the Office of Climate Change PNG.
Here are some questions posed to the Australian Federal Police - tied to past media articles - and see the response below...

Dear Sir


To clarify - I am not making reference to PNG laws. (In PNG no laws have been broken as no laws exist). I did ask Penny wong's office about evolving climate change initiatives with AFP but got no response to that or the nine other questions.

I think its pretty clear what the questions are asking.

So hopefully that clarifies the issues you raise and I pose the original questions again-

Is the Australian Federal Police involved in monitoring carbon deals or will be involved in monitoring as part of transnational crimes?

Is there any "dialogue" between the AFP and say the Australian climate change office or the PNG climate change off or any other agencies on this issue?

A range of Australian companies are operating in PNG offering carbon trade deals or brokering - often facilitating some of these dubious deals that have been recently exposed by media - what responsibility does the Australian government or the AFP have in monitoring Australian companies in dubious carbon trade practice?


AFP response -

Hello Ilya

Thank you for the clarification and reference to the Herald Sun story.

Unfortunately the questions touch on policy matters that may or may not be referred to us from Ministerial level, or at such time as legislative initiatives come into being.

As such they are not questions that we can respond to at this stage and I would suggest that you keep trying Penny Wong's office.

I am sorry that we cannot be of more assistance in this instance.


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