Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Headhunter Visits Bomana Jail

On Tuesday PNG sporting hero Stanley "Headhunter" Nandex delivered an inspiring talk to Bomana prisoners.
One of the country's highest profile athletes, Nandex is a now retired two-time world champion kick boxer who remained in PNG despite lucrative offers to train overseas.
Nandex urged inmates away from a life of crime.
"Jail is time for reflection, how you can make something away from crime," he said.
He said he had dallied with crime but instead chose kick boxing.
"When I won my first international title fight in Australia I dedicated the win to the prisoners of PNG," he said.

Bomana prisoner eats lunch

Prisoners from the seperate female wing of Bomana jail are allowed their children until early age

Nadex (right) told Bomana prisoners to stop taking drugs but posed for a photo with Jo whose T-shirt suggests another message.

View of Bomana grounds

Bomana Commander Michael Bine (above) told AAP: "The police cells are full and they bring them here.
"We've got no room, either. For every two that go, 20 come.
"The courts are taking too long to see those on remand. Some have been here more than four years waiting for trial."

On Tuesday PNG's only world champion sporting hero Stanley "Headhunter" Nandex visited Bomana jail, 30 minutes drive outside Port Moresby. The kick boxing champ urged prisoners to a life away from crime. But sadly for many, and those who spoke with AAP, conditions in jail are better than living in Port Moresby.
Correctional service commissioner Richard Sikani said it was worrying that life for some in Port Moresby was better in jail.
"A lot of people are saying that. They do crime because they want to go back to jail," he said.
"They get three meals a day, soap, toothbrush, towel, water, blanket, free everything."
Sikani said long remand periods were a well known issue in the law and justice sector.
"I find it hard I can't tell the courts to hurry up. We've spoken to police, the judges. I can't be like a hotel, saying we are full.
"We've raised this so many times. It's one of reasons behind the escapes because they don't feel justice is being done.
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  1. Very interesting story. I heard Nandex interviewed on ABC radio in Australia. Wanted to find out more. We don't hear much about PNG any more, except when it's about political corruption. Had no idea you had a world champion sportsman. Hope he is successful in making a film in PNG. Will be good for your country.

  2. go stanley im ya number one fan from aus my dads from kila kila my names roua hawkins ;) remember it coz im gonna be the next bestt fighter you watch

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